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About Me

Hello! My online name is Blimpcat and my real name is Steph! I'm 33 years old and I live in the United States. My greatest passion is creating digital illustrations of my favorite characters from series I enjoy, such as games like Minecraft (QSMP) and Kingdom Hearts.Along with illustration, I also have a Master's Degree in Fine Arts & Animation! As a freelance artist, I frequently sell my work at local conventions, as commissions and in various forms of merchandise in my online shops.

My Goals

I would like to get into streaming and grow a community to share my passions for art and entertainment with others! Expanding my online shop to have more original work is something I would love to do in the later future, but for now I'm really enjoying creating fan work!One of my long term goals is to be financially supported enough through my art to be able to pursue my greater goals and to help others through charity. ♥


What social media are you on?

I have my Art Twitter, though I am most active on my Personal Twitter!
I have accounts elsewhere, but I don't really use anything other than Twitter at the moment.

What program(s) do you use to draw?

Clip Studio EX

Do you take commissions?

Yes, though they are not always open. You can check my Commissions page to see if they are open!
Once in a while I will open commissions and announce that they are available on Twitter. Follow me there to stay updated!

Do you stream?

Not yet, but I plan to soon! Follow me on Twitch to get notified!



My pronouns are She/Her.
I'm more comfortable being called "Blimpcat" online; only my friends can call me "Steph" or if I give anyone permission to.
Please do not dig into my personal life. I will share publicly what I am comfortable sharing.
Please do not contact my friends in any regards for information about me or my personal life.
Please do not DM me on twitter for casual conversation, I will likely decline. DMs are reserved for professional conversation, important matters or commissions.

My Art

You may: Use my art as your icon, header and in video edits, but please credit me in your descriptions. Thank you!Do not edit or repost my art anywhere.
Do not use my art for profit or for references in other art.
Do not print my art; a lot of it will be available for purchase in my online shop.
Do not edit any paid commissions; all commissions are final and will not be touched up.

Contact Me

If you need to contact me for any means, you may contact me through Twitter DMs or via Email.

Support Me

If you would like to support me financially, there are several ways that you can!
You can order items from my online shop, or donate money through Ko-Fi and Paypal!

If you would like to support me otherwise, please follow me on Twitter and Twitch!
If you like my art, please like & retweet it on Twitter, and show your friends! :)


BA in Fine Arts & Animation
Digital Media Arts College
2009 - 2011
MA in Fine Arts & Animation
Digital Media Arts College
2011 - 2013

Professional Experience

Freelance Artist, 2017-Present
    • Digital Illustration, Individual Commission
    • E-Commerce via Etsy & Shopify
    • Convention Artist Alley Table Artist
Digital Asset Management / Data Entry, 2018-2020
    • Adjusted Artwork files for upload
    • Migrated Products to Amazon
    • Kept a record spreadsheet of all products
Commission Artist, 2017-2019
    • Cover Artist for Homestuck Aspect Zine Project
    • Created Website Banners & Advertisement

Artistic Achievements

• Featured artist in QSMP in-game Minecraft Museum, 2023-2024
• Table Artist for Almacon 2022, Otakufest 2022, Matsuricon 2023
• Featured artist for multiple artist-driven zines, 2020-2023
• Cover Artist for ForFansByFans' Official Homestuck Zine, 2019
• Featured Artist for multiple occasions on, 2016-2019
• Featured Artist for Official Homestuck Calendar art, 2016
• Fall Art Contest winner for MMORPG Mabinogi, 2015


Digital Artist & Illustrator


[email protected]


Clip Studio Paint EX
Character Concept Art
Digital Painting
Autodesk Maya
Character Animation
File Organization
Data Entry


Fluent (C2)